Fresh water fish/shrimp farming in earthen dug out ponds have emerged as major avocation of farmers, educated and uneducated empolyed and unempolyed, small and big progressive emntrepreneurs in AP, India. The carps Catla Catla, Labeo rohita, Cirrhinus mrigala, Ctenopharyngodon, idella, Cyprinus carpio, Pangasius pangasius, the Giant fresh water prawn Machrobrachium rosenbergii, Machrobrachium malcomsonii, the brackish water tiger prawn Peaneus monodon and Peaneus vannamei are the candidate species for pond grown culture systems.

        In pond culture suitable site, water, seed, feed, manure and the management are the important issues to be taken care for attaining higher yields. Prevalence of disease is one of the major problems which causes Anorexia less growth and mortality of the culture species.

       We deal with the aquaculture consultation services.

      We visit the site, ponds with the required field kit and suggest suitable remedies for immediate control and better management.

We give service, guidance for the site selection, soil and water manure, feed management, disease diagnosis with perfect control measures. Breeding of fish/shrimp will be conducted. Project Reports will be prepared by us for new fish/shrimp farm projects, hatcheries. Advisers to the fish/shrimp feeds, feed supplements and medicine manufacturing units.

     We writes articles papers and book various aspects of fish/shrimp culture.